SUGGESTION? - Refresh Rate, Animation Frame Rate and Bones

Hi dear members of the forum. I searched related post for the BGE, but unsuccessfully (almost all people asked why got slow motion animations, hehe). I think the refresh rate and animation frame rate need be different into a game than into a movie, cause gameplay performance (and I want the game to be able to run into not that new machines necessary (Core Duo 1GB, Nvidia 6000 GT, aprox for example and forward).

So my questions are, what you people suggest could be the best options to have a smooth gameplay? (keeping in mind is a casual game without high-end visuals, mid-low poly models).

By default Blender comes with 60 FPS and 24 Animation Frame Rate (AFR). Standard HD now is 30 AFR I guess… but my game animations are simple (walking, standing, kicking, punching, grabbing, dizzy, dead, some emotes…) so I guess can make them with 15 AFR (or cause too low will see cut and low quality animation?)

And about bone numbers for players, this affect much performance? I put detailed hands (thinking in remove them if affect much).

Thanks for all suggestions.

I’m not sure what you mean to ask :smiley: Do you have some problem with animation playback in the BGE?

AFAIK the rates in BGE are only about what speed the animations are played at, not how they are rendered. Animated objects are rendered with the rest of the objects every frame the game refreshes whether you update the armature positions or not.

I’ve used detailed hands but not in too heavy scenes. Bone count ofc affects the performance but you’d have to see if it is a problem for your game or not. Nowadays individual fingers are the industry standard so I’d vouch for that. Remember to never spend time optimizing unless you see you need to ^^

Hi Kheetor. I mean, for exampling purposes, if I make the same animation with only 2 frames as in pic (red cube that get larger):

A) Starts at frame 1 & ends at frame 15, with 15 animation frame rate.
B) Starts at frame 1 & ends at frame 120, with 120 animation frame rate.

Both will last 1.0 second, but “A” will play 15 frames, and “B” will do 120 in same time.
Is not a slow motion game, and is for “casual gamers”, so don’t need 120 animation frame rate… so changes makes any difference into performance?

I’m sorry, maybe I’m not exaining well myself D:


Not as far as I know, but you’re free to try. I could be wrong on this and don’t have time to confirm.

What counts the most is how many keyframes in action editor you specify for the animation. The engine evaluates the location, orientation and scaling values based on those. More points, more complex curves. It could be interesting theme to study, difference between linear and bezier interpolation as well.

So if you specify 15 keyframes for A and 120 keyframes for B and play them both in one second I think you might get a performance hit with 120. But if you just have two keyframes for each there shouldn’t be difference.

You should probably run at 60 FPS or above. 30 is acceptable, but the smoother, the better. The animation rate should also probably be the same. If you design an animation at a lower frame-rate than the game itself runs at, the animation will just play back faster, not be choppy.

I know the playback will become faster if low Animation Frame Rate, or faster if high. My doubt was about using one or another and effect into performance for the game. I guess will use 60 FPS and 30 for animations. And truly, I noticed, makes no diference on animation smooth if use a simple animation into 15 or 120 that use same number of keyframes. Well, thanks Kheetor and SolarLune. SOLVED.