Suggestion Regarding UI

Arrow Color can be modified at userpreference => Theme
user has a choice if you want default no color or add a highlighter so it will act as a Landmark or Group



window comparsion


NEW - ORGANIZE and Has Landmark / Group

I need this, explain to me please!

i just edit the photo and create thread for suggestion
and i wish this feature is implement in future update

because it can act as a highlight that is most use ( single color )
or highlight multiple color to form group

Hi i added more info why this is good to addition for improving workflow


i Added a post because limitation of Image

Summary : Theme Panel Color Show Header or highlight All with the same Color just improve UI design

we need a separate marker for each panel ( properties view )

this will add productivity
because we can add marker always we use

example scenario
you switch Icon F to fix the setting then switch to Icon A and go again to F many panels opened
and we use scroll till we find it reading each header

which slowdown the worflow

sometimes we get frustrated lost and confuse so we use ctrl + click as alternative so opened menu will all collapse so it will be reduce but we need to search again reading header till we find it

but if we have marker it will improve how we locate the menu fast

it can act as a bookmark or a landmark
and easily locate the setting we always use by remembering the color

sorry for bad english i hope you understand what i mean
thank you for reading

I like this idea.

I like the arrows most, helps categorize the subsections, while not being visually intrusive. Yep, I want this :slight_smile:

This is a good idea. I lazily +1 this!

Hi and thank you. I wish this idea will be implemented in future. I will edit the photo later the above Post later with default Blender theme .

New Layout at Theme Editor > Properties

Remove or Add Legacy Mode

and Categorize Into Each

New * Add a Quick Toggle On / Off

[SUB]Problems Scenario
Person A : i dont really like the highlight and i want Theme Panel Color back

Reason : it will be easy to toggle on / off and maintain my original UI im not fan of highlight , Now i need to check all of them one by one just to return its original way its its hard because it was crowded now

Solution 1 : add function Legacy Check box
where it will disable divided list and activate again the Theme Panel Color

Solution 2 : Use Panel Context Menu and Activate it all[/SUB]

Sorry for bad english again im not good speaker
hope you understand what i mean