Suggestion: sensors checking for materials option to check individual faces

Okay, I start a new file, make an object that jumps anytime is hits a material, duplicate it to see if it works on added objects. Then I add a new material on the face the object drops on and give it a different name and then I found something.

The collision sensor, when you have it on material checks the object with the material and not the individual faces. Individual faces would be nice because we can say, have different jump heights on different materials on the same object. As in checking the whole object to see if it has a material, it kind of makes itself not as much use because you can just give it a property and use that. A game I started that would be a maze game where you find the exit somehow the ray and material sensor refused to detect the material I tell it to detect even though when it’s set to property it works, though i’m not sure how that happened though.

you could go to edit mode select faces with the assigned material. press p. goto object mode.and delete the materialsthey dont use.

That’s essentially making a new object with just that material, I could do the same thing but give it another property and it would do the same thing. I’m just saying that individual face checking with materials would provide an option to have multiple logic situations occur on a single object as you already assign materials per face (just that the game engine logic bricks don’t check materials on individual faces but checks the object)

That’s a good suggestion. It would really simplify things like checking to see if a vehicle is off-road or not.

And would give a reason to check collisions with materials, right now it’s essentially the same thing as checking for properties.