Suggestion Submission

Where do we do this? In the event I’ve found the right place…

I’m new (like, today) to using texture nodes, but I’d like to blend more than one texture using Geometry Nodes. It’s a little involved, but my suggestion is another output socket for Geometric Nodes called Property, using a property of a selected Object.

For instance, a plane using a Geometric Node would reference a cube using a float Property called Fraction and it would output to the input socket of a Mix RGB Node, using two other Material Nodes as inputs. You could adjust Fraction on the cube in the same way you would adjust Fraction normally. (“Fraction” on the cube could be named anything, I just named it Fraction for simplicity).

The reason I make this suggestion is so that you can have an unlimited number of fraction sources, allowing for easy use of more than 2 textures to mix for the Output Node.