Suggestion to the admin of this site.


I want to suggest to the admin to automatically lock threads after a certain time. Say maybe a year or a year-and-a-half or so.

This way you prevent people from digging up very old threads by replying to things that are already ancient history.

Just a suggestion :wink:



OK, i agree that some topics are history and bringing them up is very annoying, but automatic locking threads older than a year/year and a half isn’t always a good idea.
Some topics, like the “Post your picture” one (and those alike) should be left open IMO. Just in case some new users want to show themselfes to the rest of the community…:stuck_out_tongue:
And another thing…what if someone wants to dicuss a topic despite the fact that it’s ancient and locked since forever, he can just start a new thread with the same topic… Then what…?