Suggestions/Advice: Trying to combine both Internal and Cycles renders as one...

Or accomplish it all in either Internal or Cycles.

In the attached image, I am trying to create a look similar to my Adobe Illustrator drawing as close as possible. So far I’ve been able to get pretty good results by rendering three different images in Blender Internal (2x) and Cycles (1x). However I need to take all 3 images into Adobe Photoshop and layer them, using effects such as Overlay, Opacity and HDR Toning. This would be perfectly fine for me if I were only going to make 3D still images, however I want to get into animation and be able to render it all in one shot.

Right now I am just using regular Blender 2.66, and for the line art just the Edge selection in Post Processing under Blender Internal (which I can’t find in Cycles).

I’ve looked up using Freestyle and Nodes, however being as new as I am to blender, they confuse me. Every tutorial I find seems to be with a version of Blender (with or without Freestyle) that is older than the version of Blender I am using, and the options they use, I can’t find them either because they’ve been moved, removed or renamed I assume.

I am hoping that someone would know right off the top of their heads how I could achieve this look, or can point me in the right direction on where I can begin learning how to achieve this look for a Blender newbie. (Been using blender for a few months, so I still count as a newbie?)

Thanks for any input and replies. :slight_smile: