Suggestions and Replies

What is the key to getting good suggestions and replies for your post?


a decent subject and a reasonably worded and specific question

Good question,

Best thing is to realize that we can’t see your .blend so we rely on you to explain exactly what it is you’re trying to do. Everyone also has a different approach to doing things and to give a useful answer I first have to realize what your approach is.

“How do I divide a face” can have 20 different answers but none of them are useful if what you really wanted to ask was “how do I prevent adjacent faces from dividing into tri’s when I divide a face”.

I have advised many times that if English is not your home language then post your question in English and your home language. Sometimes people don’t understand the English jargon and ask about (lets say) subdividing when they actually mean subsurfing and pictures or a .blend or even a link to a page in the documentation will help us understand what you’re asking better than a long explanation.