Suggestions For A New Video Card - Or Do I Even Need A New One?

I currently have an ASUS STRIX Z370-F running an Intel i7 8700K CPU

It has 64GB of Mem

The video card is a GeForce GTX 750 Ti

Would I benefit from a newer video card or not. If so, any suggestions?


Would this be a good choice?

This is the worst time to buy a GPU. The prices have been multiplied with recent shortages (plus crypto related demand), even the old cards are going at insane prices.

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I guess I’ll be holding off. Thanks :slight_smile:

An RTX 2070 Super was around $550 (new) last summer , see the prices now ($1100+ range as of now) And this is even after the 3X series released which are more powerful than the 2X series.

Yeah. Thats crazy. I’ve had something on backorder now approaching 2 months. When will it end?

I had the same card as you for a long time (750TI) and I play a lot of games, so that card wasn’t cutting it anymore. I bought a whole new system from CyberPowerPC - i9 processor, 32GB RAM, RTX3080, and an SSD/HD combo. Cost was around $2800 and it took about a month for it to arrive.

I’m not saying you should buy a whole system, but companies like HP, Dell, OriginPC, iBuyPower, Falcon Northwest, etc., get the new cards first so that they can stay in business. This means that you will potentially only pay slightly above MSRP for a system with a new card (in most cases; check prices). In my case, the RTX3080 was about $575 US with this system, and this was back in late April.

Buying a card by itself, as has been said, from a retailer will cost you an arm and a leg.

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