Suggestions for Blender implementation.

I have some Ideas of features to be implemented in Blender

-Draw point by point: a mesh tool to draw a line with vertex without use the extrusion tool in one vertex of an object.

-Vertex/Edge Loop Remover: a tool that remove vertex loop of a mesh without remove the surface between the neighbours loops.

-Blurred objects: a shader option that make an object blurred when rendered without post production. It’s would be very useful to create clouds that interacts with real lighting, and smoke with particles duplicators.

-Blurred Textures/Materials: an shader option thar remove or decrease the clearness of an texture making them blurred.

-Real reflection map: already there is bumpmap in game engine, at least through a script, way not a reflection map?

-height map: a texture that influences the position of vertexes according the texture shade, like the material displacement map option.

-Measure system simulation: a option to simulate real measure sistem from Blender’s measure units. To see centimeters, inchs, etc.

Already in there, select vert and CTRL+left click.

Press U after adding the loop, but not quite what you’re after.

In texture buttons, little ‘Filter’ tab with a numeric that is 1.00 by default.

There is, check in the UV image/editor.

There is, in Edit button use NOISE function after loading the texture. (Need to be in edit mode for a mesh.)

You can change the grid size already in each view properties tab. Adjust scale to suit units.

Only on that’s not there already. :wink:

Hope this helps,


They are blank units. You can call a grid unit in Blender whatever you please.