Suggestions for category color codes?

Now that things have stabilised a bit, I’d like to address of the category colours. As it’s a lot of work to change (each category and sub-category needs to be updated manually :fearful:), I’d like to gather some input before we implement this. Please post your suggestion, if possible with a mockup screenshot.

Keep in mind that these colors also appear on category selector lists throughout the site, like here:

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What’s the reason for the colors? To try to know what part of forum you are in? I think right now, there’s to many colors. Why not just do maybe ONE color for each section( support, game engine, etc.) or just make it all BA orange.

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Maybe build on the above. Say a color per section, then a few shades or tones lighter and or brighter of the section color for each of the subsections.

Something like a palette, from darkest to lightest or vice versa within each section. Just a suggestion, will live whatever the choice.

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Here is my take on it:

1, Every category has an unique color
2, Every subcategory icon has the same color as the category color
3, Subcategory icons show only next to the subcategories that have some new and unread entries in them

PS: I still can not upload even small PNG images. Still have to host them elsewhere and link them :confused:


I agree with @LoboTommy 's idea. Something like @rawalanche did but with a different shades of colors for subforum categories.

I like @rawalanche’s suggestion, but feel I don’t have a good color palette to work with yet. For the time being, I’ve started changing the colors to a super simple grey/orange scheme. How’s that?

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Definitely a good step forward :slight_smile:

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The front page looks a lot nicer than it was a couple days ago, so great work on that.

I actually like how there is far less scrolling to get to the desired section than before. :slight_smile:

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Well, honestly, is it possible to remove the colored squares all together?
We have quite alot of categories and giving them different colors will always end up looking like a unicorn exploded somewhere. The colors of the forum categories will compete with the colors of the nice topbar gallery we have. Take some inspiration from Artstation … don’t invent a color code for everything … just keep it classy.

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Now there’s a radical notion. :wink:

(I removed them altogether)

quick mockup. isn’t this already way calmer?

Is that live code, or cut and paste screenshots?

Anyway it’s not bad. Shouldn’t be hard to code if anyone wants to.

Are you keeping a thread with all your tweaks?

nah, just quick photoshop


Here’s my current live code homepage (dark theme):

I removed the colored bars on the left and the color code squares altogether. The section headlines were recolored to white, all sub-section names to orange. And the indicators for new posts on the left column have been given a blue color (instead of the default grey) for better visibility.

Some other changes as well (overall smaller fonts, etc.).

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That looks reall good! Please open a separate topic for it and share your CSS, and tag it as #custom-theme

I think colors can be useful but only when subcategories have the same color (and no various shades of it, that’s useless unless you have the eyes of a professional color grader or a mantis shrimp)

As for the color choices, I would do it this way :

  • General Forums : Grey, because it encompasses all kinds of topics (so all colors mixed together)
  • New Site Feedback : Blue, because New goes well with Blue (I find)
  • Jobs : Brown, because brown reminds of work stuff (maybe because of all the leather bags and book covers in the old days)
  • Artwork : Purple, because purple goes with fantasy, imagination and is generally a playful color and not much else, unlike the others
  • Coding : black, because coding is dull. I’m kidding ! Green of course ! Because The Matrix, I guess
  • Game engine : I don’t know. Any color. This category may not stay here for very long anyway.
  • Support : Red, because HELP MEEEEE !!!
  • Contests : Yellow, because gold medals and trophies, you get it
  • Misc : well… I actually suggest we do something about that category. Read this thread if you want to know.