Suggestions for church surroundings

Hi all,

I’ve got this church project where I would like to start making the surroundings for it, but am not quite sure just how to go about it.

I made a cobblestone array that looks nice, which I could have as a sort of piazza in front of the church (and add a Tux fountain…) but if this church were in a village, how would I make the other buildings easiest?

Also, if I were to place this on a mountainside for example, I’d like some pointers for that too.

Thanks again, all!


I do understand the cobblestones would make a helluva lot of vertices if I had a large set of them, so any fak way of doing that would work too.

for the cobblestones, take a look at the backing normals tutorial on :slight_smile: you can fake the cobblestones to a flat plane and then just duplicate the plane to fit the desired areas :slight_smile:

the buildings model them as seperate objects as you have the church :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! I’ll be sure to have a look.