Suggestions for lighting

Here is a scene I am working on with the kids. I’d like to have under the bed completely in the shadows with a monstrous pair of glowing eyes and some drool spilling out into the light. I need suggestions for the lighting big time!



For this scene, use Yafray, and I would switch to using object lights and Global Illumination for much more realistic lighting.

I would also only use lights that would actually exist in the real scene. For instance, it looks like you have a lamp inside the modelled lamp, and other lights around that do not cast shadows. Get rid of any lights that do not exist. If the light in question is just used to fill in shadows, delete it. That means NO three point lighting. I know a great “Tutorial,” for lighting, I’ll find it in just a second…

Edit: Here it is:

It explains lighting very well, and I suggest you read the entire thing.

I’ll update as soon I can.

I didn’t have much luck with yafray but I’ll keep trying. Can you suggest some starting settings?

I am pleased with this update though.


Sorry for the last update. It is way too dark.
I am trying for a toon like atmosphere. I got the inspiration from Calvin and Hobbs.
My biggest problem is keeping under the bed in complete shadows while keeping good light everywhere else but still making it look like night time.


I made the image lighter and turned down the red color channel in Blender’s node editor. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


To keep the bed in shadows, and to use yafray efficiently, you probably want to use some sort of refraction on the lamp itself. I made a scene similar in essence to this one, but with extra lights and without the creep factor. I basically had 2 lamps with the materials having dispersion power. In my scene, (here: the lamp shades have a dispersion power of .35. You can play with that. Also, not that my scene has a wide spotlight for the bed lighting, and the pictures have minor emit on. I hope this helps you a bit.

Looks like it’s getting there. I don’t like the drool so much. Just the eyes would be much more ominous, I think.

I agree. I posted my suggestion at the same time you posted an update. It’s better, but I think yafray would help in this scene, to make softer shadows. Make sure you use full GI, even if you lower the quality.

Are you using lamps or GI with object lights? Object lights are just meshes that emit light, and if you only have one, the GI will make everything illuminated (the light that bounces off the back wall will slightly light up the front of the bed, even though it’s not directly illuminated) except for the areas that are mostly covered up, like under the bed. That’s why you only use one object light, because it will light everything except for under the bed and behind the droors.

however, with object lihgts, even with Emit all the way up it will still be too dark. That’s why you turn up the Emit Value in the Yafray GI settings. And make sure you have it set to Full GI and have Depth at the default 2, and leave CDepth alone.

Edit: In a few days I’m going to get a new power supply so I can use my new motherboard and processor, and when it comes I’ll experement with some yafray settings in a room roughly similar to yours. I’ll probably make a basic model of a bed, have a rectangular prism for the droors, and a cut off cone for a lamp, and see if I can get good results.

Thank you everyone!

I’ve only been blendering about 3 months now and have spent all my time learning how to model. This is my first effort at lighting a complete scene.
I only understand about 10% of what everyone is saying.

Please forgive my ignorance, I have no clue what GI means or how to make object lights but I am learning.

I will start expirimenting tonight.

Tynach: I will continue reading the info you sent.

How long have you guys been blendering?

GI means global illumination, it’s a lighting method much like ambient occlusion.

here is a yafray render and a screenshot.
How can I eleiminate the grainyness?


Much better! Though the cloth glows now… Make the cloth in the curtains a different material, and get rid of the emit. Unless you want it to glow, your choice.

The graininess is gotten rid of by turning on Cache in the GI buttons in the render settings. If you don’t have bump maps, you can turn on Nobump too. Caching makes it render faster AND gets rid of the grain. All you need then is to adjust the gamma to 2.2 (Yafray settings under Raydepth). That will make the light appear to travel farther and light it up a bit better, without making the areas near the lights any brighter. Unless you want it this dark.

A very large improvement! Keep up the good work!

Edit 1: Actually, you don’t need to adjust the gamma, I remember now that you wanted it dark.

Edit 2: By the way, with Cache on, turn Refinement all the way down. This will increase rendertimes, but will make it much better and it will still be faster than without Caching.

It’s getting better!
I see how you feel, I have no clue about YafRay and GI either. It seems pretty complicated.