Suggestions for my next coding project

Hi !

After the success of my addon Molecular(, I already planning to start a new coding project. I have already couples of idea but I want to hear users suggestions to feed me:

My suggestion:


-[Graph Editor for particle and mesh] ( I think it’s now possible with pynode, don’t have to worry about the UI interface with it) EDIT: because Lukas and many others peoples already and continue working on this , the idea will be left on my side. I will happy to help them on this if I can.
CoralApp :
Thinking Particle
Particle Flow

[ Pass Manager ]

  • More strong and flexible pass manager ( render layers ).
  • the plugin LPM ( L pass manager ) in 3DSMAX
  • builtin Pass in XSI SOFTIMAGE
  • builtin render Layers in MAYA

[Pipeline tool]

  • Checkin/checkout system for assets/shots/textures/caches. With folders structures for small and big project/production
    example: not for now

Post you suggestion or what you like in the one I suggested. At the end I make a poll with best suggestions( I can code and be a fun project for me) and mine for user voting. Use this template for suggestion:


  • Your Idea with descriptions
    examples and/or links

Awesome!!! Can you do them all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Set up a crowdfunding project through Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any similar system and I would more than happy to donate!

I would like just good mesher from particles

You already can donate on my blog :wink:

Already in progress by another developper :slight_smile:

[N/A] (not sure what category it would technically fall under to be honest)

-Description: There are a large number of game related artist out there that would shower you with praise for an add on or method that allows the editing of normals and the smoothing of edges, which can then be exported into popular real time engines such as UDK and Cryengine (see: Polycount thread). Normal editing can also have other uses when dealing with curves and even dynamics. Blender currently deals in face normals only, which is a bit of a handicap when the ability to edit or influence vertex normals is missing.

Explanation vid:

Example of it being used for production:
Type 1:

Type 2: See intro:
Type 3: See post #5

Ohh!! Didn’t knew that. Donating now!

The graph editor for particle and mesh would be awesome!

SaintHeaven : My programming skill is limited. For now not enough to add features like that. I can only control what are already existing in Blender. Hope a more experienced developper read your post.

No worries, I was under the impression it could be done via add on. I know there have been some minor level attempts in the past but this one thing is holding quite a few game artist back from using Blender.

Okay , if it the case it’s probably not too hard to do.

i wana start doing stuff like this but idk where to start like what language

I wouldn’t dive into a node system as an addon. The thing that makes ICE, for example, so powerful is that every single node is programmed to be fully multithreaded. Unless you could pull this off it would be best to wait for a C++ implementation.

Don’t worry , my molecular addon are C compiled and multithreaded. So if I did a node system , it’s will be compiled and multithreaded. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, who is developing the particle mesher?
My vote goes toward the MPM simulator!

For the record, my vote goes to MPM as well. Such a cool area of work.

Pretty sure node system for particles is already being developed by Lukas Toenne( ). So I would say that’s out.

I was also going to suggest particle mesher - but you claim it’s already in dev. Who is doing it? This is a project I’ve not heard of.

So that leaves MPM unless you come up with something else. If you want to explore papers on the sort of stuff you are working on, I might suggest this site: It’s a goldmine of physics CG papers.

i vote for MPM :3

I think he is talking about this mesher: MSMesher


Systems like ICE are not just for particle nodes. Take a look at something like this:

to see how powerful a system like this CAN be.

Honestly as a working professional there are a few things I miss in blender on a daily basis that no develper works on because these are those “invisible features” that don’t show you off that much as a developer (because it’s not a render engine, or a super big feature) but are so important working on an everyday basis.

here is my list of ideas:

Linking Panel:
-Where you can replace, rename, append, remove your current linked objects/rigs (super important when you have linked files).

-the ability to modify common attributes in multiple objects just selecting them as a group or in the outliner., (i.e.: let’s say i grab multiple objects that have visibility turned on, and i want to key them and turn them off or backwards, right now i either have do them one at the time, luckily a friend wrote a script for my specific case.)

-transfering modifiers through hierarchy (let’s say i have a bunch of objects and i parent them to an empty, if i add an array to that empty it would be nice that it would make the array on all the objects that are children of this one object, and even better if you could turn this ability on and off.)

-a shadow/reflection only shader that you can use in cycles, so that without the help of compositing or multiple layers you can create a floor that doesnt render at all but that keeps the reflections or shadows projected on to it at will.

-Outputting passes and layers into different folders ( let’s say i have 2 layers called “FG” and “BG” and FG has color and difuse, and BG, has color and diffuse as well, that with a certain option like a tick box they can all be outputted to a folder called scene/FG/color/ and scene/FG/Diffuse and scene/BG/color/ scene/BG/diffuse so workflow with other compositing software is easier, instead of having to create file outpud nodes to each one (and that at the same time are gonna be called like that anyways)

those are my most needed things in blender these days, after we have this little workflow options, i’ll never complain again :smiley:
no, seriously i don’t complain ever and work around them, but this things are painful to work around of.

if you can solve just one of them, it’d make blender’s artists life a lot easier.

all the best for you!