Suggestions for my scene's background?

Hi all! This is my first architecture render, I’ve been working on it for a little while and I’m ready for some feedback:

  1. Is the natural white light overpowering, or is it easy on the eyes? Should I replace it with an image?
  2. Do you have any suggestions on the general color scheme? Are the colors of the couch, rug, and wall okay?
  3. Any suggestions on making it more realistic?

(Don’t worry, I’m planning on adding more little things to the second shelf, and the table.)

Should I make the opening look more like a window?

Turquoise is not my cup of tea, but other than that, the colors go nicely together.
And yes, you should make the opening look more like a window :slight_smile:

The scene is impressive! It’s a good first project! Okay, so the lighting is fine, but the large opening should definitely be a window with flowing curtains. I’d play up more of the blue with the color scheme and match everything with the rug using various kinds of blue. It’s really realistic, so you don’t need to focus on that. Seriously great work!

How’s this looking @FrobeGames and @michalzisman?

Good. Now the house is complete with no holes in it :wink:
What is next to the window? A lamp? I think you can remove it from the scene.
I really like the ottomans.

It looks okay. A very good first try.

Well for my crit:

  1. The very thin vertical shape of the image doesn’t go very well with the low horizontal shapes it contain.
  2. The arrangement creates a strong movement to the right but it is unceremoniously cut off at the right edge. The flow is disrupted.
  3. A very big empty area at the bottom (floor) that doesn’t work well. Planning to do something there?
  4. Empty space at the top (ceiling) another are that doesn’t work well. Add some details?

That is what I have for now. Keep going!

Ralmon, do you think if the lamp behind the couch was curved, it would guide the eyes back around better? As for the floor, you’re right I need to adjust the image dimensions a little. I was thinking about maybe having a chair in the foreground blurred, so that is why there is empty wooden space, but I may just crop the image instead.

That’s better! I’m really impressed with this! I look forward to seeing more of your posts!