Suggestions for programmers

Big request to the amazing Blender programmers out there :slight_smile: Need a ‘viewer node’ when using the Material nodes, so that we can use the viewer node to break into the chain at any point in order to see what the material is looking like at that point. This will help immensely when editing a material using nodes, so that we can see an interactive response as we make changes to nodes i.e. Hue/Saturation, Mixer, etc. Thanks to all! - Bruno

I was actually thinking about something similar a few days back. In my case though it was a node that simply displays the value of any math function at that point.

Basically - it would just be a pass through node (red in the image below) - but which shows the current value of any mathematical operation given the current input parameters. These could be inserted anywhere into the node group so you can monitor the output of the math function at any point and in real time (useful if you need to ensure that your math result is falling between certain values - especially if your node group is complex).


Something analogous to that window in the BI materials thingy, except as a node? Good call.

Sure would be nice. Workaround:

You can just save your default blend with an additional scene in it, with material preview objects.
Switch to it during work, use cycles preview mode, work on material, once happy, switch scene back to where your project resides, apply material, be happy.
It’s exactly the same, it’ll just not appear inside the node editor :wink:

I sometimes miss a viewer node for textures, to tweak ramps and such. As a workaround i connect that modified texture to a color intput in a diffuse shader at the end of the tree, to see the result in the 3dview.

PD: Maybe it would be better to change the thread name to something more useful, like “Suggestion: Viewer node for cycles materials nodes”

I think it is fairly obvious that people want a feature like this, so it is safe to assume that the reason it isn’t there is that nobody felt like implementing it, yet.
As a workaround, how about an Operator that edits the node graph so that when you click on a node, it will connect that output to the material output? (with a conversion such as a diffuse or emissive BSDF in between, if necessary)
It could be bound to the RMB, for example.

Actually it is possible, in the end its up to the coder to decide what he / she wants to work on.