Suggestions for topology for Morris Minor Bonnet

I am a bit stuck as to how best to model the hood (bonnet in the uk) of the attached picture of a Morris Minor car.
I have been reading about topology and have heard that it is best to avoid tri’s and 3 or 5 poles in the mesh.

Could any experienced modeller give me a clue of what a good topology would look like for the attached picture by sketching in the main mesh lines over the photo.

Thanks for any help


you want the polygons to be somewhat even, and flow with the form, and anywhere there is neat edge like where the hood meets the rest of the body, you need to make a cut fairly close to that edge to give it that neat slightly beveled look. if you made your mesh well with quads, you can do this easily with ctrl R ( loop cut ). You may also wish to look into surface snapping, so you can start with a composite of multiple simple meshes, then use surface snapping, also known as retopo, to construct a mesh over it, using it like a mold, basically.

Thanks Modron, I’ll take a look at surface snapping over a composite of multiple simple meshes. That was new to me.