suggestions for topology

Hello everyone, I’m recently working on a full character sculpt. I’m almost done with the face. I know there are excellent topology video tutorials out there , but I wanna make sure of whichever I follow before I sink all my time that the topology I’m gonna use will work perfectly with, animation rigging, specially with the face Because I’m trying to go for a realism look and natural organic movement, work well with texturing, and hair, and any kinda of physics and particles I use it with, such as water, fire, or lightning, etc.
More then one suggestion the better and any other tips are welcome. I recently found which I think are good topology to follow but not sure they are just for a still portrait image or they can be used for animation purposes and other things mentioned above

Sintel main character from Blenderswap:

and this one:

thanks in advance.

Have you been here yet?

What do you mean?

I would say it really depends on what kind of character your going for. The one in sintel looks realistic but is more on the fantasy side and the 2nd one seems almost similar. Its just the silhouette is different for both which means certain edgeloops flow different but all in all the geometry for the face is the same throughout most human characters. I’d say try to follow a reference if you have one as close but try to sketch the idea of how the loops will flow around the face your going for. I’ve modeled a few characters before and I’ve learned that you’ll follow the same steps but because the silhouette of the reference I use is different from tutorials I followed I had to just apply the same concept to my design.

I hope I’ve been at least some help to you, I mostly model hard surface objects such as weapons now with some environment pieces. Gave up on characters for now since it ain’t my specialty.

…topology I’m gonna use…will work perfectly with, animation rigging, specially with the face…

… any other tips are welcome…

I don’t think link i suggested relates to the second, however you can take it as “any other” too.
So what was you were asking by “What do you mean?”

So, with that being said, if I finished the retopologizing for my character, skin texturing, hair, using fire, water, lightning, rigging for animation will work fine with it? I don’t have to do anything special while retopologizing to account for those things?

Leaving out earth, wind and fire, if you have topology which allows stretching in directions human face naturally does there should not be problems using some kind of face rig imho.
Painting skin and object interaction physics are beasts on their own, not related to the topology “proper-ness”.
Btw, KT in his tutorial @16:32 mentions hippydrome as a source where to look for a face topology advice.

Good and helpful advice. Thank you :slight_smile: