Suggestions N_T could use for fluids in the future

Now I know he’s probably busy and may want to focus on getting magic fluids in Blender but here goes. I think someone already suggested bubbles.

-A porous option for obstacles, for example, you have a tube and you have a porous object blocking the way to the bottom, the fluid could slowly seep through the object and continue on
-A, automatic texture map for foam, nothing too complex, just create a black and white texture dynamically and then use that as a stencil for the foam texture. An option could be made to set the resolution
-A temperature system, like you set the freezing and boiling points and can be controlled via IPO’s. Like if it’s above the boiling point it’ll bubble and gurgle and slowly there would be less liquid. But if it starts out frozen and you raise the temperature up it will slowly start to melt. Things like hot and cold obstacles could be done once that base work is completed.

Hope I’m clear enough, it would be nice to have these features in the fluid simulator. That is after N_T gets done with the features he’s currently working on.:wink:

  • Cooperation with Jahka’s new particles (including the explode modifier).

(can I dream please? ;))

  • maybe there could be an option to export different types of data to input these into materials… e.g. export the speed of the fluid as vertex colors, so the area of the fluid where the fluid is faster flowing gets color A and the slower flow gets B (like the stress-output for mesh-deform)

  • different viscosities of liquids :eek: (not for the whole domain) e.g. oil flowing into water

Being able to use the fluid sim to simulate sand or something.

Unless that’s already possible?

i want a very simple thing :slight_smile:
an option to tell fluid in which frame you want the simulation to start
we don’t have this option now even with the ipo


It is all well and great asking for features but n_t has to work with the algorithm he is using (Lattice Boltzmann method). Some of these requests seem rather hard to implement imho. Personally, I think n_t has done a fantastic job with fluids already and very much hopes that he keeps up work on magic fluids to get it out for the next release!