Suggestions on a good book for BGE

Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good book to purchase that goes over scripting with python for Blender Game Engine. Preferably an older release something for the 2.4x version of blender. Something that goes over the available modules that one can use with blender and how to manipulate objects in your game using python…

Blender for Dummies by Jason van Gumbster
It focuses on the essentials of the BGE and rendering of Blender 2.49 (my favorite version) and how to use them. It doesn’t cover too much python though, I cant think of any book that covers Blender AND python

I’ll see about ordering that one…can never have too much literature! Basically what I’m needing is something that describes using python scripts to carry out Blender Game Engine functions. Need to learn how to write my own scripts for a couple projects I’m working on. I found this on the blender wiki page and it looks promising. Going to dive into it here shortly.

What ever happened to this!?!?

Is this ever going to come out?
Here’s a blog… no new info though:

Is there also some good literature for 2.5 bge?

That book is still in the works, and it will come out eventually.

API documentation usually isn’t the best for learning a new API. They’re mostly for reference. SolarLune has some tutorials on Python in the BGE: I haven’t read through them all, but I’ve checked through the first one and it looked promising.

Cool…looking forward to the new book (Mastering Blender Game Engine).

I’d actually went through the first couple tutorials that solarlune had written and they are what I’m looking for. The only thing is the little differences between 2.4 and 2.5. I’m still working with 2.4 until my current project is completed and was looking for basically the same thing that solarlune has done but for 2.4.