suggestions on chamfering edges of this space ship

I’ve got a boxy/angular space ship model, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to chamfer the edges.
I’ve tried applying a bezel modifier followed by a SDS modifier, but it does strange things around the engine intakes. It also creates a lot of unnecessary geometry on the large flat areas.

Anyone have any pointers to tutorials or other suggestions for what I might try? I’d like to get a nice rounded corner everywhere so it will look good in a closeup flyby of the camera.

I think that what I might consider doing here, especially at the front edges of the ship, is to add a few extra vertical edges … y’know, maybe they’re the edges of the “windshield.” Ditto a couple of horizontal ones at the nose. Then you can very slightly round those by sliding the middle one very slightly inward. The geometry will be plausible, and I think you might be more satisfied with the result. Especially if you are planning to do some close-up flybys. In other words, "if so, you’re likely to want some decorating-space there anyhow, so a few more minutes of modeling are probably going to be worth it. Then you can if need be bevel that, and if you like, “apply” the modifier. Now the corners are a lot less abrupt, etc. Probably worth the just-a-few minutes it would actually take.

Since you seem to be going for a low poly model, bevel modifier using weights will give you more control over which edges get beveled.

You can find it at the top of the properties panel (something like “Mean bevel weight”). Select an edge and up this value to bevel it. You can also use this value to control the amount of beveling for each edge.
And yes, you will also have to change the beveling criteria to “weights” in the modifier settings.

blue haired left field idea that may or may not work for YOU

Select the edges you want beveled an extrude them then cancel. should leave you with faces where those edges are. then scale the adjoining faces.