Suggestions on new rendering machine

Hello all,

I have just enrolled into Westwood College for my bachelor of science in computer animation. What i’m looking to find out is the best (single) machine for doing this type of work.

The application(s) that I am aware of are 3D Studio Max and maybe Cinema 4D. I’ve heard some differences on AMD vs. Intel P4 and with the new SLI boards coming out, looking for some additional information from people that use these machines for the same purpose I will be.

Single Core or Dual Core?

I have heard two different views saying a dual processor is faster and one is saying the single, dual core is faster.

Can anyone suggest a parts list of a decent final product?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thirty three views and no opionions or suggestions?

I’m no expert but my guess would be that graphics rendering would only really be able to take advantage of one processor. Get tons of RAM, of course.

Blender 2.37 will have support for dual processors, i think