Suggestions please..

Hello, guys! Anyone here uses security scanner for your mobile applications? I need one that can automatically crawl and scan off-the-shelf and custom built websites and web applications. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Dunno about a security scanner, but I think you can use NoScript with FireFox for Android. I use the nightly build of FireFox for my mobile and I don’t think NoScript works with that yet, but I think it works with the latest stable release from Google Play.

Noscript is a very good thing to use, for computers not just phones. Adds a very effective security layer against drive by download of viruses, but it might take a bit of getting used to having to enable scripts on some sites domain by domain.

Sweet, I hadn’t checked back in a while, but NoScript appears to be working with the latest nightly build of FireFox for Android now :slight_smile:

Is that something like this Beyond Trust product? This is what my friend recommended and it looks exactly what I need. But I’m open to suggestions and will be checking No Script. Hope it’s cheap. :smiley: