Suggestions to details and other suff

I made this Star Wars ship and I lik the design but it lacks some details. I was wondering is you guys have any suggestions? I want to make a force field for the hangers but have no clue how to make one.
Anyway here is the picture.


First, I would “set smooth” the surface areas of the ship, to get rid of those nasty segment lines. Then I would change the setting on your noise nor map so that it’s not cube but “flat” so that it does not stretch on the vertical faces like on the tower area. Then I might try using the “discombobulator” python script on the inside of the two sections of the body (the middle area between the top and bottom) which is kind of what it was made for, after who deathstar look. Do you plan to UVmap this or use only blender internal materials? You could try adding a layer in your textures with cell noise to give the illusion of paneling along the body of the ship by click “col” as well and make it a darker/lighter grey thent he body is now to give it some visual difference, and click “nor” to give it the bump effect. But honestly you will get better looks if you use UVmapping. The rest I would say you just need to look at your reference images and add on the little towers and guns and stuff that are on the ship, or add them as your imaginations sees fit.

As for a forcefield, just make a face, apply a new material to it that is transparent, give it a texture that has noise it it that is less transparent and wala, you have a forcefield. And if you want to get the glow effect, make it slightly “emit” and possibly give it some halo verts. Though you’ll have to play with it to get every thing just right.

Hope that helps at all! :slight_smile:

so that it’s not cube but “flat” so that it does not stretch on the vertical faces like on the tower area

Er, don’t you have that backwards?

Do I? :expressionless:

To make the forcefield transparent do I use the “Translucency” button in the “Shaders” tab? Or somewhere else. I am farly new to blender so bair with me.

yes “translucansy”

Ok I tried that and it ins’t working. It shows through fine but the blueish look isn’t there. I have the transparenty at .25.

Ok here it is with the forcefield. I dont really like it.


Try changing the “Alpha” setting on it if the translucansy is not working the way you like it. Perhaps that will give you the desired effect.

Ahhh it aint working. I am going to give up on that for the moment and work more on textures and details. I will come back to it later. Thanks for the help.

Where can I learn python scripting? Is there a tutorial anywhere?

if you just want to use the python scripts build in check out the image below, if you want to write your own, then look in the forum or down the list here at Elysiun for more links on it.
Create a new window frame or change your current to the snake icon, which is the icon for python, then click the scripts button for all the builtin scripts. Have fun! :slight_smile: