Suggestions wanted Working out file naming conventions

So this is a naming convention that I hope to improve on and get opinions before I actually start using it.

So the 068 is the file version The A is there so if I want to go with a offshoot of 068 I can put 068B- I put the date because Windows has not kept track very well of the dates for my files-It just can not be trusted. At times it will have a different date than the system date. Plus Some computers in my shop are backdated to run older equipment.


I am writing down requirements that might be fulfilled by a good naming policy

ability to find files easer - especially those that contain solutions or methods that relate to my learning and notes. Future references

Convention allows for offshoots of files

Has a main number for the project

Each name is unique in the first few characters maybe 068A should have one more character

I am hoping others will have advice and ideas for ways of naming files . There might be ways of naming that makes searching / sorting easier. I am hoping that I can go back and look at a project and be able to make some kind of sense of it all. I worked for a firm many years ago and I remember they had a file naming scheme that really worked out well. It made it easy to identify projects Any ideas or suggestions please and thank you ! I am thinking now that 068-A1-date-jobnumber- After thinking on it I remember the -A!- was very useful because you could have a A1 A2 A3 and then B! B2 B3 but with the same version number of 068 So maybe 068-A1-10171-DEC-12-19.blend would be better. Any advice suggestions Please and Thank You !

A lot of the answer to the question likely is a matter of personal preference, but here is what I think:

  • Including the date is probably a good idea, to get some feel of how old something is. I usually go with fully decimal date in the form YYMMDD, so lexicographic sorting will sort by date.
  • I would put files for different projects into different directories, so the project number is not needed in the file name. If you don’t want to do that, putting the project number to the start of the file name, would allow to easily sort by project.
  • Whether version numbers are used is a matter of personal preference. I don’t, instead using time in addition to date, to be sure to mave unique file names. So the file name includes something like YYMMDD-hhmmss.
  • The main difficulty I see with the approach is to figure out later what the changes were between versions and/or forks. I like to put descriptive suffixes to the file names to get a hint. Might feel messy, sure, but I guess storing such kind of metadata somewhere helps a lot. If one neither includes descriptions in the file names and also doesn’t use revision control (see below), IMHO it is a good idea to write done some info on the versions in a separate text file or so.
  • What is a good alternative to versioning by file names is to use a revision control system like git. It has all the features to deal with the whole matter perfectly. If one writes clear commit messages, it probably is the best way, which one can get, to allow for efficient search for the desired version. The only issue might be growing storage needs over time (and download time, when going through the net), as you cannot easily throw away intermediate versions. Usually one is keeping the whole version history forever. I have to admit I currently don’t do it for blendering, being just a hobbyist, but if one wants to have everything neat and orderly and traceable, it should be a good match.

Putting month before day is retarded.

The files should be in a meaningful order when you sort them by name. Imagine (or write down) several of your hypothetical files, sort them alphabetically and then ask if this order fits your expectations.

If alphabetic sorting is not enough, you can put files into directories (aka. folders).

Git is great for serious stuff but since it has no built-in support in Blender, you’ll probably get too lazy to use it over time. Naming versions in a meaningful way may be more comfortable.

That said, I’d suggest you to name directories as (year)-(month)-(project) and to name files as (version).blend.

You all are refering to GIT huh what ? so you must mean this I take it I would need to store my files on the github cloud ?

You need to elaborate. DEC might be included next to 20192712DEC but I am not seeing how anything is retarded here. someone else is " I usually go with fully decimal date in the form YYMMDD, so lexicographic sorting will sort by date."
Retarded not retarded but more like not left minded so please elaborate your point.

Only USA uses this retarded date system and it has completly no logical points of using it. You can’t sort it ascending, you can’t sort it descending.

When you’re making archives you want them to be sorted timewise, so you know where everything exacly is. With the retarded USA system you get them sorted by months, not years. So you will have 1990 next to 2019 and 1972 and 2003. But hey, you’ve got all decembers together! :woozy_face:

Not to mention that as a normal person you notice that someone used this system when day is bigger than 12. All the other times it’s like “Hey, a plane hit towers on 9th of November”. :expressionless:

The ‘git’ tool is free software (created by Linus Torvalds) and can be used aside from commercial websites like (owned by Microsoft).

Anyway. I think you don’t want to use that tool. I only reacted to omgold’s suggestion. Forget about git, let’s focus on naming files and their different versions.

Regarding the date formats, Randall Munroe has said a similar thing as Acrivec now but in a more respectful manner (yet including the sarcasm). Let me remind it:

USA can take an insult without revenge.

version near the front so email systems or web server does not mix up my files.
so p22-v01-truck-2020-01-01dmcabforbed.blend

catagory3char version3char textidentifier5char 2020-01-01
then I can easily group files within a folder I can use the 3 character category to make files Identifiable. basicly need to stick to a format to make it of any use.


Why doesn’t anyone use this instead:


The dots does the seperation so it get less confusing.

As for the confusing American date system:


Now there is no confusion for the rest of the world.

I finally remembered how we used to name our files.
We did this 1871M-A0102 Job number use M thrw Z for main category sub category A-N then 02 is revision number. All the files are easy to identify
this worked out beautifully
it would be easy to recognize what files went with what.
So now I am going to try this file naming
It allows for categories and subcategories and it is easy to sort and identify what is goin on. It shows what files belong with what it allows for revisions and date.

this is how I remember things being. You could look at a group of files and know what files went with what. This makes it so you do not have to open 20 differnt files to figure out what you did and still not know what you did. Here this shows what files belong together. It proves a date. at this point the date has not alot to do with sorting - so I am thinking it would be good to just use FEB or DEC maybe so its known to be a date. 20-02-02 is a lot easier to mistake but when it says 20-FEB-02 that makes more sense when it is not going to make for the sort. job number catagory-catagory-catagory-date-textdescription. I still do not trust my email server to distinguish files

So after really thinking this one through. This above is limited. IT only allows for 10 things in each category. That is limiting and will cause confusion.
So now FINALLY I have a naming system that syncs with my brain. This has branches. Before it only allowed each branch to have 0-9 limbs. I can have 100 trunks with each trunk having 100 branches and each branch can have 100 limbs. I have been thinking about this a long time because I could not come up with something that had any reason to it. I knew that our file naming system from before worked out well. and it made it easy to keep track of things in our Cad documents.

Service and web mail - if the file is has the same name the server will not bother to update it if you just save over the file and re send. The server will assume it is the same. But the servers do know the difference from 123456789a 123456789b unless it is an old dos machine and I think it stops at 8 char. but not sure how many characters I read it was over 200

10187 quick books has 5 numbers
It seams to me it would be a great thing to start putting the blender version in my files. 281 that way I know what files will open with what 3 years down the road.
001C-A01-A1-vo1-281A-2020-02-08TextDescriptions.blend. We used to do this
so that worked nice. Fine. So add the date invoice number and blend version and its a mess.
Problem with putting the INvoice number in front - when I am in thumnailView - I want to see version number of the file first.
so maybe
V01-7401-A01-A-281A-2020-02-08TextDescriptions.blend thats going to work better.

I just do something like, “2.8.20 space trooper” or something along those lines. And now I’m putting everything into a 2020 folder, with a folder for each month for a little extra organization. This works well for me since I do a new one every day, and it’s easy to type, and because of the date, I never have to worry about a duplicate name.