Suicide Note [BWC.08]

ok, third and last try at a scene for the blender world cup.
since i posted this in ‘Focused Critique’ i expect hard criticism from you guys. :wink:

the image isn’t finished yet, i didn’t even textured it, but i would like to hear comments about the scene (if it’s clear enough what’s going on, etc.), about the nodes (if i didn’t blowed it up too much), and other stuff you can see :wink:
Bwc '08 - Suicide Note

btw, sorry if my english wasn’t that great :wink:

That’s a really good image, it’s powerful. It would be even more creepy if you modeled an actual anatomically correct heart and put it there. Although it might be a bit too bloody then.

You should try to texture it, maybe just subtly. Good luck!

I thought of that realistic heart too but i didn’t want to make it a horror scene.

thx for the comment :wink:
I’m busy with the texturing now, sadly, that’s one of my weak points in blendering =\

do we need to be concerned about you?

lol, I should’ve expected a comment like that…
Don’t worry my life is goin’ smoothly the way I want it to go :wink:

the light especially on the sheet of paper is good, not every letter can be read ad-hoc cause the light´s shining very bright on the left side, so this part of the scene is very interesting.
scene is very dramatic, fits well in the contest, allthough the heart looks more like a liver romantic :wink:

I thought that the thing on the table was like a beret or something. The overall image is really cool and has a great look to it, but that red thing needs some work, especially if it is supposed to be a heart.

I took note of all your nice comments and implemented them in the image…
It didn’t even suffer under it! :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Am I done?’ is my question. :wink:

@psytr0ll : I know you didn’t mean that the text should be readable but i thought it would be better this way.
If there’s text in an image the interest of the viewer automatically focuses on that, so… :wink:

Maybe a little blood trickling from the “heart”?,Ooh, or what about like a shoebox with a dark stain on one end trickling blood across the table (as if the real heart’s inside)? Yuck, that freaks me out. Probably not what you were going for…

hey its nice
think u might convince the jury at the bwc

It’s finished.
I’ll post it as a finished project.

@PneumaPilot: still can’t see it’s a heart? anyway, i think your idea would be more creepy and even less clear to viewers so I won’t make that shoebox :wink:
though i did add a little puddle of blood. :slight_smile:

thanx to everybody for the help!