Suit/armor whatever


Inspiration for this is kind of obvious,

Slipgate’s domwar entry/ crysis

Highpoly so far:

Crits are welcome.

Looks real badass! Lets see some wireframes! good stuff though! Did you sculpt anything? or pure modeling?

Good work on the modeling. Mesh looks very clean.
Keep it up!

Just wondering (not a crit): why do female armor suits in games and sf-movies always look so over the top? They always have extremely eh… prominent preformed breasts holders and don’t really look comfortable. Moreover, you need to be a master of engineering and a flexible gymnast to put such a suit on. Is it because game designers are mostly men?

Are they suppose to be flat? would look wierd

hell, i dont mind if its for a woman i’d still love to have a suit like that…even if i cant put it on :stuck_out_tongue:


Pure modeling.


Thank you xD

Well it should look cool not functionall :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone asked for wires?

yellow stuff are edge creases :stuck_out_tongue:

And most of the meshes were done as different objects, only joined to better show it off.

How do you make those little holes in the armor? Fig. 1 Shouldnt they have topology spreading across the armor plate they are embedded into? Fig. 2 Really cool armor.


What’s there to crit? other than above statement.

If it doesn’t look functional it just doesn’t look cool imo. I hate those designs that try to look cool, but would be so unpractical the guy/girl wearing it would have a hard time moving.
There was this armor at cgtalk a while back, and it had severely heavy plating at the chest, shoulders etc, and pretty much nothing at the stomach. The way it looked it was as if the person wearing it could not twist his torso or move his shoulders up, but he could twist his hips and bend forward just fine. One single blade would’ve been most likely to penetrate that groin area, and the important arteries that go there, while the heavy plating could’ve been hit by a nuke, and it wouldn’t have a scratch.

It was excellent modeling, but very inconsistent design. It actually caused a flame war.
functionality camp versus “look cool and it doesn’t matter because it’s sci-fi” camp.

Your suit looks flexible and like armor, not really inconsistencies here.

Those things are called floating geometry. I’ll do a pic of what I did exactly when I’m back from university


Haha :smiley: Thanks man I guess you’re right :wink:

:smiley: First of all, great work so far.

I am a the kind of guy who just love these armor with boobies and futuristic thong (you intend to model a nano-muscle thong right??)

I also wonder how you made the holes for the little screws.

And screw functionality… If the armor looks cool, it should be cool enough to freeze the enemy over. Real life body armor aren’t that functional anyway, ask them soldiers if it really stop bullets… or ask the greek why they never protected the thighs mmh?

But the thing I really find ridiculous for body armor is the southeast asian armored miniskirt… (nice but ArmorClass=meh)

Since you asked for it:

Floater mini tut:

Basics: Good for normal map bakin etc…

Note: define edges with edge creases or additional loopcuts

Some concepts:
Though I wont implement that chest thingy I guess, I’ll see

Can’t stop Can’t stop Can’t stop :confused:

Remodeled the entire triceps muscle region :confused: hope you like it

The shoulder sure looks blown up, and kinda better. But what “triceps muscle region” are you talking about?
Looks nicer than before, but you have a new issue now. The new deltoid (shouldermuscle area on top) overlaps where the trapezius should be.
Maybe that’s your aim, imo it looks a little weird, more like shoulderpadding than enhanced muscles.
I think that if you made them a little smaller and have them blend or join/cross with a new to model trapezius area, it would be easier to make the nanomuscles run under/join with the plates at the side of the neck.

Can’t say I liked everything about crysis, but that nanosuit sure is a nicely designed piece of art.

FreakyDude: Yeah that was in fact intended, I want it to be different fromt that nanosuit thing, I was just going for artificial muscles in general and if it looks like shoulderpadding it looks like it is intended.

:o Thanks for the floater tips, should be useful for when the mesh is too difficult to make a clean hole in…

Do you have a underlying humanoid mesh down there that helps you keep the proportions right?

:stuck_out_tongue: Because unless you are a skilled anatomy master, I think you might run into trouble later if you modeled the arms too short… (that’s just an example)

Litl’ update, started blocking out the legs / tweaked the front added detail to the back.

:smiley: you really have the patience that I don’t have…

Really awesome work. You have a wear for the suit yet or is that next on the agenda?