Suit customization workflow help

Hello everyone!

I’ve been given an opportunity by a company that wants a suit customization page on their website, such as the one seen here: .

I’ve already modeled the full suit, but if my calculations are right it would take enormous amount of time to model each and every variation. I’ve tried modifying just sections of the suit and this was the fastest method I could come up with.

Is there a more sensible workflow to this?

Thank you!

I think you 'd have to create several versions of the suit, to cover all combinations:
suit 1: single breasted, no pockets, ventless
suit 2: double breasted, 2 pockets, single vent
suit 3: asian, 3 pockets, double vent

After rendering, you’ll have to slice them up into interchangeable parts for each aspect (buttons, pockets, vents)

E.g. you could use a node layout with masking to export every part to a separate file (one render giving one buttons part, one pockets part, one vents part, etc)

If you also need to provide renderings with fabrics, you might want to automate it with python. (for texture in fabrics_folder: set material’s texture, render image, save in folder with same name as texture)