Suit of armor

This is a suit of armor I’ve been working on for a while now. I figured I’ve got enough of him done by now to throw him up here for some advice. I’ll be working on the legs and arms for the next few days, although work may go slow since it’s exam week.

i’m planning on adding a good deal more detail once the whole suit is done, carvings and such.
Click on the image for a larger version.

I’m hoping to use him in an animation in a few months, but we’ll see if that ever pans out.

Excellent modelling!i love the design of the armor.I wish i had one like that:D !Cant wait till the animation.

Wow, not bad. A couple things about the face need to be worked on, but I’ll let experts see to that. My question is, though, is it hard for him to bend in the middle?

Here’s the work I’ve got on the arms so far. I’m not quite satisfied with the way they turned out, so I might wind up reworking them, but hopefully not.

I’m planning on joining the different segments with some chain mail, but I’m holding off on that til the end when I’m rigging him.

I’ve also uploaded a close up of the head, since you think something about it didn’t look quite right.

As for how he can bend in the middle, most of the plate mail I’ve seen tends to be a solid chest piece down to the waist, with a belt and leggings. If he’s having trouble bending when I get him rigged, I guess I’ll have to make some changes, but I think I’ll leave him like this until then, unless anyone has a suggestion to make it better.

Next up is hands, then the waist area and the legs.

I’m not sure if the reflection is fooling me but the lumps that run down from the nose to the lip start out with a gap about the distance between the nostrils and widens only slightly. Then tightens back up when meeting the lip. Looks a bit wide on the face.

The lips look extruded straight out of the face. Try smoothing the transition between the lips and the skin surrounding the lips. Also, the corners of the lips should actually go in, not out from the face. The suit looks great. Maybe the shoulder plates could match the helmet’s ‘winged’ look a bit more, they look kind of plain compared to that fantastic helmet detail. Good job so far.

man thats awesome.

cant wait to see the animation

One bit of critique, I agree the arms dont look right but possibly if you swapped the places of the for arm and upper arm

P.S. you should make either the first image or the head shot your avitar

Looks a bit short too me, the eyes should be somewhere around the middle of the head (height-wise), but they look a tad higher. Added that theres also helmet room, your guy must have almost no forehead at all.

That, and the helmet looks so rigidly and tightly set around the face, that I don’t know if he could even take it off!

The nose looks like it’s been extruded out of his face. While this is a common practice, it’s also common to blend the shapes together.

armor is great, but the face is not very realistic.

holy crap! how do u model that well? whenever i try to model something humanoid it looks like crud…i need serious modeling and animation help…lol if anyone can help me with that send a private message lol…i’m amazed by te armor