sukhoi pakfa T50

my last work sukhoi pakfa , the russian stealth fighter i’m planing to sell this model on turbosquid , but i also gone upload it to blendswap with lowres texture and , without some part, cnc are the most welcome:yes:

well I actually really like this sukhoi and your doing a pretty good job though I’d like to see from the top of the Pakfa.

BTW if you do any cool Russian hardware good luck trying to get comments, I suspect some amount of prejudice flanks (pun) from the pro EU community on the forum :stuck_out_tongue: try making maybe euro F16 mirage etc… oh hey here’s an idea do some ww2 luftwaffe you will be sure to get comments. :wink:

ow yeah welcome to the blender artists community! have fun :smiley:

Great looking model. I would love to see a top view as well! Greetings from the EU btw… :wink:

Looks like a good model - don’t worry about showing Russian , Chinese or any other hardware - modelling is modelling the world over . Good looking aircraft appeal to all aviation enthusiasts.

sorry but dont interested in politic , i already modeled euro fighter typhoon and f15 on my

here it is the progres of texturing, sory guys to be honest i’m not interested in politic ive modeling euro fighter, f15 mig, grippen, i just love fighter aircraft, so what do you think

Wow nice, top looks excellent textures look great aswell… sorry bout my annoyance earlier, wanted see reaction I’m a bit of a provocative. :wink: lol

@hanzo thanks , any tips for painting specullar map for this particular thing?

It looks good to me - sorry I’m not expert enough to advise but keep them coming