Sukhoi SU-47 (my first project here)

Hello all fellow blenderers!

I started to model this Sukhoi today, and wanted to hear some critics about it. This is the main reason form me to register to this forum. Hopefully I will finish this one.

Btw. I really love the Edge Split function in cvs.


Good low-poly model! maybe it’s just the lighting but the modeling doesn’t seems…clean. Can you post a wireframe shot?

Don’t get me wrong the model looks good, but there seems to be a mix of triagles and quads.

How do I create a wireframe shot for you? I have never actually created one.

there’s a button just to the right of the layer buttons that takes a “screenshot” render of ur work. it looks just like the render settings tab button. so u can just take one in wireframe view.

So here are the wireframes. I had to rework the model because of some inaccuracy in my reference pictures.


cool. that’s a neat aircraft in general.

i guess just work on adding more details…and cleaning up the mesh as u already sorta mentioned.

I’m in-between choices here. Should I take the wings and cockpit apart from the main body or keep them together. I was thinkin about giving a subsurf because it gives some smoothening. But it doesnt work, if the wings are attached. So I would like an oppinnion on that.

My progress so far. There are still some tris, but I’ll get them, when I’ll finish up this model. Also there is some inaccurasy, but unless the final model isn’t a total disaster, I will call them artistic freedoms :slight_smile: