Sukhoi Su-7BKL - jet legend

I just started my new project, also for cover and with short term to finish. This time something newer - Sukhoi Su-7BKL, soviet fighter-bomber jet plane from late fifthies and sixthies. Not much to show now, but cause of mentioned short term updates should be frequent.

Looking good, keep them coming :slight_smile:

Looks like next masterpiece in progress. Can’t wait till final version. Good luck.

Your attention to detail in your other model projects is amazing. I can’t wait to see how this one will turn out. :slight_smile:

Next update: I finished model vertical stabiliser and few elements on fuselage (front wheel door, main air intake etc). Fuselage was also tweaked here and there.

Great job as usual, Marek.

This Sukhoi will surely look awesome. the details are nice. Have you already the final composition? I can imagine few tens of these in a row…

I have some concept of final composition Myn.Pheos, but at first I have to finish modelling :slight_smile:

I’ve spent sunday on tweaking almost everything: cockpit cover, position of air outtake in aft part of fuselage, base of vertical stabiliser. Added some elements and main shape of wing is ready. There are still missing some air intakes on fuselage, but I hope to finish them today.

i always loved the nose cone on that plane, or the lack of one.
lookin nice. :wink:

would like to see sopme more detail on the wings, but im sure that will come later :slight_smile:

keep on blendering :wink:


Of course wings are only in initial stage now, be ready for madness :eyebrowlift:

And here are a fistfull of wires…

And next update. I made all air intakes and small thingies on fuselage. Wings and horisontal stabiliser are still in initial form.

Hi mates!
Next update. Some tweaking in aft part of fuselage - breaking parachute pod modified once again. And suspension points for weapon added under wings and fuselage.
Next step will be adding armamant (additional fuel tanks and rocket launchers), hope to finish that today. And start to mapping this baby…

looking very good! progressing well, keep going! :slight_smile: /me hopes to see more soon :slight_smile:

Last update before UV mapping - weapon. Exterior modelling phase is over. Launcher UB-32-57 was a little tricky to build using SubD only with no collapsing, but Iwas succesful (I hope).

Im just wondering but this isnt all one mesh is it? How did you make some of the objects on the hull curved around it?

You have right. It is not one mesh. Fuselage is collapsed for sharp cut all this holes and all details are separate meshes. I’am trying not to collapse as many elements as I can, but sometime it is better to collapse them then complicate polycage. Most of elements whatever stayed SubD with modifier. Canopy, vertical stabiliser, glass parts etc. for example. Also rocket launcher pod stay subD, that was a little tricky to build…

Oh, wow. I’d love to see a mini-tutorial on how you did that… Usually I stick with poly modeling when I’m going for mechanical accuracy, so seeing how you did that would be enlightening to say in the least.

Very nice work!

Looks great!

Very nice, any ideas yet on the final colour scheme. (hopefully white/aluminum).
How in the world did you modle the housing for those guns, just simply spectacular!
Plus I’ve noticed you’ve got an old skool streak, I like that.
Plus after this please do a mig 29 (the worlds sexiest jet aircraft).

Very nice even studio lighting style for such type of machine seems unlikely :slight_smile:

It is very nice work, but this thread is well over a year old. Please don’t bump really old threads.