sultan ahmed mosque [LowPoly]

And here is my second post: Its an impression of the sultan ahmed mosque. Sadly i’ve not been to istanbul yet, but it seems like a cool city with many inspiring buildings. So i decided to do a project on it. Even though i dont think i captured the original warm and cosy feel of the city, i believe, that this kind of mood does’nt look to bad. I just wanted to do something else. So yeah… enjoy!

you can also check it out on deviantart:

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Nicely stylized. Good work! :slight_smile:

very nice :smiley: i like this art

Nice cartoonish style but as someone who is living in Istanbul I think you should visit the Sultanahmet Mosque (The Blue Mosque) It’s a great building for 3D modelling and yet I haven’t seen many realistic models that have been done with that mosque.