Summer Breeze

Don’t know if I’m even close on this one.

Need your input.

Thanks in advance.


hmmm… very nice modelling. especially those curtains. Did you do that or get tips from a tut’l? I’ve made seve4ral attempts at fabrics like that but never as nice. :slight_smile:
all that I tink could be improved on is thelighting. my suggestions: less lighting in the room, more blu-ish light coming in from outside. or if there is going to be more light in the room, maybe make the source apparent and obbvious like a light or candle on a nightstand.
OH! I just had a cool idea. make an evil looking vampire floating outside the window and render it in grayscale!!! :wink:

I am going to make a guess here, but I am fairly sure on how the curtain effect was achieved. From the top view, create a plane. Subdivide fractal 3 or 4 times. From side view stretch on the Y axis. Use the warp tool to bend. Finally, in edit mode, use the smooth button. A “grainy” texture is added and alpha(ed). Ta-da.

i think the windows should be blown inside the room, now it looks like they are sucked outside (i know, they do that when the wind is blowing, but i think it does’nt convey the idea of a breeze as easily). dim the light shining from inside the room and make an environment for outside…

Great suggestions, even the vampire one (it may not happen, but who knows)

Any how heres a revision

The curtins were made with duplicated surface curves, then faced converted to nurbs and played with for what seemed to be years, between warping, waves and just grabbing a handfull of verts and dragging them in every direction, same way for the bed sheet. (wished it showed better, but it is after all night time. :-? )

Thanks for the comments.