Summer Ice

it has been a sunny week so i decided to try make some ice cream.

rendered in the cycles render engine.

my only problem was that i can not figure how the bump maps works. but i got this as a result.

tell me what you think. any criticism is welcome

Hmm, not bad, but the shape of the ice cream looks slightly unnatural. Also reflection on the root beer glass is a bit strange.

Edit: I just noticed that all the sprinkles on he cone are sideways. That’s a bit unnatural.

Something about the cone is off, I’m not sure what though. I would also change the fact that all the sprinkles are horizontal, it looks unnatural.

This picture is likely hook up the viewer because of the season,Everyone love to eats ice cream during this summer.Well the picture itself filled with colors, and that will be nice,but one thing I agree with Owldude, the ice cream is likely unnatural.Next time be particular of the target image.RC Electric Helicopter

The color is really bad. maybe it’s better to render it in blender default engine. Or you can click here for Cycles basic :