Summer is Coming

A quick one to celebrate summer. Inspired by the amazing art of Aaron Blaise, whom you can check out here: Enjoy! :smiley:

WWOOOWWW!! Amazing job. Well done with the detail work.

As always, amazing piece of art, Rico.

That is just amazing! love the concept, but the 3D realization is just superb! 5 stars!

And again: Amazing work dude!! This s really special! Love the details and realistic look.
Great work! :smiley:

The realistic and mysterious looks you gave it are great! Love it!

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

fabulous work

darn the realism blew me totally :spin: :eek:

Amazing work! I like the expression and the glow in the eyes very much. Awesome textures.

Wow! Just wow.

@t0xik, @8DFineArt, @alf0, @Gremllin thanks guys :smiley: