Summer Island


(FelipeDelRio) #21

Thanks! :wink:

I used just one single layer for the whole scene and Blender handled it very well. Also, the models are very simple, the trees for example has about 35k polygons each and for the hills with forests in the distance I used alpha planes.
The clouds are hand painted.

I tried combed particles, but it wasn’t working as I espected, so I used the tangent factor in the velocity pannel to get that look.

Everything except the sky is Blender

For the water I used a volumetric shader and fake caustics. The underwater geometry helped a lot too.

Thanks for all the other comments guys!

(rombout) #22

ahh cool, i tried it once with object and combing that. Got a quite nice result of off that.
This was with smaller object


test was with wider mesh, but got problems on the corners. It doesnt bend nice.

(FelipeDelRio) #23

Wow, you got a nice result.
The corners was the biggest issue when I tried combed particles. So I tried a different approach with the tangent factor and it was a little bit easier to get what I wanted.

(rombout) #24

Let me know if you want the base meshes

(MartinKlekner) #26

Love this render, great work and great water shader :slight_smile:

(Flowey's Hot Jamz) #27

this is awsome. would you mind sharing the node group for the water? thanks

(FelipeDelRio) #28

I used two shaders for the water.
For the water surface and I used this mix between the glass and transparent shader to create the caustic effect (not physically correct, but effective)

And then another shader for the volume:

(math) #29

Hi Felipe
I absolutely love this image and this is a really great tropical water shader :heart_eyes: Can i ask you what you did use as base color for the underwater ground-surface? Is it a yellowish sand-color or more something like the turquoise of the water? Thanks

(Nunud) #30

Five stars! Bravo!

(Rob) #31

Wow, this is stunning. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series! Amazing work.