Summer Morning

This is simple scene. I was created it when i tried create some materials… :slight_smile:

Not bad at all. I like it.

I think it would be cool if you animated those dominoes falling down or something. :wink:

Good job. I think it would benefit from a little bit of volumetric light.


very cool. absract, but not all that realistic, but still, very cool. i agree about the volumetric light.

Very nice, but I think the light that goes through the window and lightens up the floor is missing in the second window.

I really like it! the only thing that I can find wrong iwth it is the plant’s basket… it just doesnt look quite right. Mabey I’m wrong though. Anyway, nice work on composition and lighting!

I agree. That basket… The 3D illusion is compromised somehow by that basket. And it tends to command too much attention. Rework that; only that…

The basket and flowers are sitting at a rule-of-thirds position in the frame, behind a light. But they’re not the subject; the ball and dominoes are. Consider tightening the composition.

everyone is missing it! it’s the fact that everything is floating! i can look pass the crappy .jpg quality and look pass the bad framing design but the “floating” is all wrong… i hate to be harsh especially when i haven’t posted in a while but like i usually do: the image does have potential! the animation idea is great and the plant itself looks great! the volumetric idea would be nice and the only way to fix the “float” is to add AO. Hope to see a new update soon! Nice job all around! :wink:

volumetric idea would be nice and the only way to fix the “float” is to add AO.

umm…how on earth did you come to that conclusion?


I agree with everyone else, the basket is the main problem in this image…but on the whole I love the soft dream like quality of it.

Not bad at all indeed… but the pot with the plant in it seems a little off… it needs to be tweaked imo …



Sorry for all, but i must work on other scene now… This scene was create as relaxation. For me is complete. :slight_smile:

btw. I tried use volumetric light. It didn’t look better… maybe better setting