Summer Mountain

Hey all,
I grew up in the PNW and have a natural love for hiking up the mountains in this evergreen state. I hope this scene brings you a breath of fresh clean air!

It was created for my Blender training course Mastering Mountain Environments, which you can find on my website:

Pine tree close up:

And the procedural mountain shader from the course:

You can find a full breakdown in my video here:


This looks amazing! I really like scenes like this, love the pine tree aswell!

Outstanding project! I like your inspirations. Btw: What courses are you planning for future updates?

Thanks :slight_smile:
@the_muslim I have plans but I’m not sure which ones will pan out. Have anything that you’d like to see? I’m always open to suggestions!

Super Cool! I’m going to share it! :slight_smile:

Firstly, I’d like to learn how to make realistic environments, nature scenes, animating nature stuffs, realistic interior scenes (bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, etc.). ;)It seriously big request not only by my side, but also all over the Blender community, I think.

holy COW this is AWESOME! how long did it take?

Well if you’re into interiors and nature, you’d probably like Andrew’s Architecture Academy.

And this scene took about a week to a week and a half to make, then another two-ish weeks to make it again to record the whole process.

Yeah. I know his training course, but I’d like to know how do you lookup from yourself aspects?

How do I learn how to do things that there are no tutorials for? Just by experimenting you’ll eventually find a way. Break it down step by step and tackle one aspect at a time.

nice renders, looks pretty heavy as a scene.

This looks amazing man, congratulations! I came here from, so you have to thank Reynante :smiley:

It looks beautiful, yes, but perhaps more like the Swiss alps than the Cascades. I’d expect to see scree slopes, for example. :slight_smile:

Wow, it really looks awesome. I’m really new to Blender and I hope I can create a beautiful art like this someday

very nice , congratulation

Great work. Love how the colours drift towards a pale tone in the first render(I mean towards the mountain). Makes it look more realistic in my opinion.