Summer path

awesome. this scene reminds me an italian landscape.

Thank you !
In this scene I didn’t tweak the vegetation materials apart the StingingNettle one. I also added some bump to the trunks textures.

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Nice! looks like a photografy

Very nice. So realistic

What do you think about Grove? Is it convenient and comfortable to work with? How it is vs speed tree everybody seems using nowadays?

Well, it depends of what you need and if you intend to use it in Blender only, or export and use the generated trees in external 3d software. I can’t compare with Speedtree since I don’t have it, but I have Tree Plant Factory 2014.

Anyway, in my opinion, for what I am searching for, the Grove is really great. It generates very realistic trees in a few minutes in Blender provided that you use the included species, You can also create you own species (apart from palm trees) working with the different settings if you know about botanic.

You need to buy the twigs separately or you can also create them by yourself.
It uses the particles system to distribute the twigs and that way saves a lot of memory in Blender.

I hope I have answered your question.

Thanks Jeremnao. I don’t like speedtree and have same plant factory. Don’t like it either. So I am in search of something cool and new.
Surprisingly a best tree modeller I have ever tried was now defunct this one

Was super simple and easy, still very realistic with twigs growing very naturally

Beautiful work and great observational skills!

Have a play with MTree. It’s a great, free, addon that’s in development. Some really nice results to be had with that.

Thanks Nitram_2000. Didn’t know about it

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I thought this was a reference photo.
Incredibly realistic…I’m speechless. Amazing job.