"Summer residence"

My new picture:
Modeled and rendered in blender.
Castle is inspired by one I saw on Crimea called “Swallow nest”

Beautiful and dreamy. Great textures and colors, especially the rocky areas. Would be nice to see a larger render.


Awesome !! :o

I really like the Heroic Fantasy look you gave to this image.

Well, Grzybu, great modeling as usual:) I don`t like this style, but inside it this pic seems OK, only the lightning is a bit too thick and “materialistic” for me.

Fantastic image, kind of a semi-fairytale look

Very cool image! One slight nitpick: The lightning kind of stands out. I’m not sure it fits. But overall this is just great. I hope you’ll be submitting it to the blender3d.org gallery.

This is a great picture as always. My only crit would be the castle looks small, the propostion doesn’t look right. I guess the problem comes from the rock texture under the walls.
Great work anyway.
Keep it up.

nice work,are the stones on wall bump maped? i think they need more work.
i like the colors.

Wow, that is beautiful, excellent work :slight_smile:

Lightning doesn’t fit, but other than that, this is excellent.

Really nice work yet again grzybu.

Lighting is a bit off, but not by much. I think it needs to be a bit redder. Also, did you use AO in this render? It doesn’t really look like it is all. I think it would benefit from it.

The other thing is that the windows/openings seem very large in comparison to the rest of the building. This is what kind of throws off the proportions that IgorSandman pointed out. The windows are also lining up to the camera and you can see right through to the other side, exposing the BG image. This also throws things off, as it looks like you modelled only the front side of the building.


'nuff said.

Thanks for comments.
Here is new version with improved light.

Proportions are correct, be because this is very small castle.
Here is link to photo I took few ears ago on Crimea:

Briliant work as always. All elements of the scene are balanced and strong, very good modeling, texturing, lighting.

You can try another method to create more spectacular lightning. Particle
tracks displaced by texture and halo object as particle, But it’s very hard to controll precision of such system.

I lost somewhere Kroopson’s thread with robo character i repplied. I can’t find it :frowning:

whoa, amazing job (should be posted to blender3d.org)

perhaps the stone where the castle stands on should be a bit more destorced, bump/normal map it for my opinion