Summer Still Life

Still life composition has always been a bit of a nebulous mystery to me, so I tried my hand a making one to get a better handle on things. I’m pretty happy with the result. Thanks to the people in the critique forum who helped out!

Damn that beer looks tasty with those chilled glasses…even at 9:00 am in the morning :slight_smile: Nice job on this scene.

I’ll tell you what I don’t like:

  • Candles, they seems to not have a shape. It is supposed that the liquified drop of wax runs down on a pseudocilindrical shape while it solidifies again, but all I see is just a melted wax as if all the candle’s body was exposed to heat. Also I don’t like its color for composition purposes.
  • Lime. They’re so small in the scene that it’s presence looks insignificant. Maybe you can open too at least one of them.
  • What they should be condensation’s droplets on the beer pitcher. They are just simple droplets put here and there on a clean glass. Here is how condensation on glass looks like:
  • The table is waay too clean to be a exterior scene.
  • The banister looks like fake wood, if it’s so, well it’s legit but… why should you give it a plastic material that fakes wood color?
  • The composition is meh. Just groups of things put on the table without a reason before preparing the table.

Hi, you seem quiet good at realism in CG work, but when it comes to composition, starting with fewer objects helps. Look at masters works from the past. Maybe even copy them for study sake. There are enough resources online about the topic. Starting with simpler ones like to the more complex Posting low-poly/ low-res explorations on the forums to get feedback before your put up a finished piece could help.