Sumo Ball! (lots o images)

I havn’t posted stuff here in a while.

After only 3 days, I have this. It is the beginnings of what will soon become an animation called Sumo Ball. The characters are simple, I modeled each in only 4 hours. The bunny is rigged and ‘ready to go’. The dog isn’t but I should have him ready in the next few days.

Thanks in advance for the advice… I look foward to your crits.

Wow! I am impressed that these were modelled in only four hours. Keep up the good work. My only crit is the fat rabbits stomach with those lines. Perhaps make it smooth and extrude a belly button. But I don’t know maybe it will work with your animation.

Both chars look really nice, though if you had asked me what they were I would have said Kangaroo and Bat. Do you plan to use any particle hair on these guys, I think it would really improve the look even more then you already have. Keep it up, looking forward to the animation. 8)

Thanks for the comments.

I have made a basic walk cycle to use as a reference for the actual animation. You’ll see a walk cycle for the dog later on.

Download Animation

I like your characters, nice modelling. They’re kinda humorous, yet somehow kind of freaky… :slight_smile: