Sumo Skies iOS Game!

Hey everyone!

My first iOS game was just released yesterday (Sumo Skies) and I’m trying to get it out there as much as possible, so please check out the game and video below!

Fly through the sky as the lovable Sumo Bob, Sensei Swag, or Ninja Chunk in this must have flying adventure!


On one rather uneventful evening in Japan, Sensei Swag was teaching his two students, Sumo Bob and Ninja Chunk how to fight birds, when suddenly a black mist came over their whole village. Its seemed that an ancient evil had awoken…

As soon as the mist had cleared the village was “greeted” with their greatest enemy, their worst fear… The pick-pockets had arrived.

Pick-pockets are terrifying, evil creatures that will do anything to steal your phone, or anything that is the color black!

All the inhabitants fled their homes and made for the Sumo Airport with the hope of making it to safety with their belongings, while the Ninja, Sumo, and Sensei warriors attempted to hold back the evil hoards.
Luckily every one made it on board a plane safely, including one unexpected passenger…

Half way though the flight, a pick-pocket (Bad Sumo), snuck up behind Sumo Bob and unexpectedly stole his phone and jumped out the plane! Not surprisingly Sumo Bob jumped out after him to retrieve his stolen phone. It is your duty to help him get it back!

Collect coins to activate epic power-ups that get you a step closer to taking back your phone! Choose from three memorable characters to fit your preference and select custom settings to make the game truly yours!
Enjoy fun graphics and sounds for an epic experience!

Main features:
-Fly as 3 fun characters
-Use filters to customize the game appearance
-Activate epic pickups, and power-ups
-Go to the shop and use different backgrounds
-Enjoy fun sounds and music

Get it on the AppStore here!:…46344629?mt=8#

Should i release a Halloween update?

sumo skies is free for a limited time! Get it today