Sumo, transparency and animations?

I have a question, does the sumo engine support transparant objekts?
And does it support animations? if the answer is yes, how do you do it?
I have found a tutorial for a campfire animation on, thats the type I want to work in sumo…

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after some research I found that it supports transparency, so that problem is fixed, but animantions anyone?

you’d need to add the logic bricks to play your animation

for armatures add action logic bricks, for everything else add ipo actuators

certain ipo curves aren’t supported [like dloc, and drot]

I have spend the last (5!) hours reading tutorials and forums without any success. Im looking for a fire effect that works in the game engine, if its particals or animated texture doesnt matter. But a animated texture, I think would be a little easyer… I have a sequence of 5 separate tga images, when set the images as material on the object and render, it works fine, it recognize that it is a sequens. But if a texture shall be shown in the game engine I have to UV-map it right? so how do a make the UV-mapped texture to become a sequence that plays in the game engine?

Im grateful for any answer


setup a single image like so:

you don’t have to use 4 rows and 4 columns, but you do have to order your frames that way on a single image

then, load the image into the image buttons, press the N key, and turn on tiles, set the number of rows and columns properly, setup the start and end frames, framerate, load the texture onto a plane, make sure the tiles button is set for the face, and uvmap the plane properly [you will only uvmap the plane with part of the image]

try playing with that texture first, also remember that textures for opengl need to have sides of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 [some hardware doesn’t support this] or 1024 [more hardware doesn’t support this].

I have made the image the way you told, but there is where the problems starts :slight_smile:

You sayd "then, load the image into the image buttons, "

That is the image buttons? I can load the picture in the UV/Image editor, and if I press N there i get a window that says, Properties, Image size : , A Anim button, with a Start, End and Speed value, And a Tiles button, X and Y vaules… but thats not the right way to do it, right?

The other way I manage to load the picutre is by pressing the shading button, then Material, add new material, then the texture button and add new texture, select Texture type: Image and load it, then I get a Image meny and a Anim and Movie meny. But none of those metods gives me the opportunity to set , the number of rows, and columns, that you are talking about :frowning:

Press N, then you set your number of rows and columns this way: press the tiles button, set your x and y values – thats the rows and columns. You UV frame your face just on the first tile, not the whole image.

yeah, I meant the image window [UV/Image editor], you hit n there and that is the panel I meant

It is working now, thanks for your help!!!