Sumo Veggies ... (Animation WIP)

8/7/09 edit : current video here: First 7 seconds reasonably complete:
it sounds like a “what the heck?” idea but I’m going for it :smiley:
3 words: Sumo, Food, and Corny.
Here’s the video :

I’m wondering
A) am I blocking the shot right? (i’m moving the root bone around - am I supposed to make it some other way?)
B) how do I transition from blocking to animating ? (do I clean up or totally redo the constant IPO’s ?)

C) Timing -how does it look?

D) content: what other things can I put in the scene?
E) what gags can I add to the scene?
What’s with the action editor? any secrets to using it?

I’m trying to get this done by early august if possible (in ~20 days)
any help or suggestions on animation would be great !


First 7 seconds reasonably complete:

comments would be appreciated.

remids me of veggie tales

remids me of veggie tales

yep . That’s the idea :D.