Sumonzie Banzai


Post your high scores here, and your favorite character.

FILE SIZE: 47.5 MB (sorry dial up users:()…4/SUMONZIE.rar

Sorry, only for windows… Im not ready to release the.blend yet…
Ps: if you read the credits, ESS does not mean ESS technoligies-it means Ernertown Secondary School.

sorry, the only high speed internet access i have is at my school, which keeps cutting out half way through! I hate this firewall!

I’ll keep trying, so cross your fingers…

Looks really good. Keep up the great work!

This should allow you to defeat the firewall.

make sure you have the administrators permission before you hack a hole in his firewall.

I’ll try it on Monday…check back then:D

wow…a sidescroller? looking good… but could be more cartoonish, would be best.

sorry, double post. (second one had better gramer)

HAH! the text file was causing a problem. NOW WORKING DOWNLOAD!!!

Cool Matt!
Glad to see this uploaded, looks like a nice game.

BTW,I had to enable scripts and cookies for the download… No big deal I just used Xero Bank and TOR so they got no information LOL!

Here is a direct link …
might be invalid in a few minuets.

hey very cool!

reminds me of bubble bobble a bit, great characters. I like the intro too :smiley:

thanks for the better link Mmph!

I like the background music, how did you do this?
Every time I try to get a background music my other sound effects over ride the music (and each other).

TIA :slight_smile:

Ive found out that its not the number of sounds playing, it’s the number of objects with the sound actuator on them. Try puting all of your sounds (unless they’re 3d) on a single empty. It should works. It worked in one of my games where i had the same problem.

hope this helps!

that sounds easy thank you Matt :smiley:

I won’t let this die that easily.

Could you upload a .zip?

Very nice game. It has a very nice atmospheric feel. Please do continue to develop it.

I wish that I could do stuff like this, but I just don’t have the free time to learn. :frowning: