Sun and Landscape help

Does anyone have any good methods for making a sunrise/sunset or modelling grass (like what you would find on a hillside)? Just curious to see how others do it. Cause everything I’ve tried makes a mess :-?


Well, for the grass, you could use the fiber script. Um, I don’t know a good way to do a sunrise/sunset animation, so someone else could help you on that.


no ideas about grass, but for the sunset, maybe you could try rendering the sunset/clouds/sky in Terragen and using that image as your background image in Blender. Or you could create a 360 degree sky panorama in Terragen and map that to the world’s environment map (i think maybe its the AngMap option in blender?) for complete coverage. If you want to animate the sunset, e.g. for a cool time lapse effect, you can make the animaetion in terragen and use the animation as a world background texture in blender (i think this is possible, not %100 sure though).

i played with this once as a test and it turned out pretty well, as terragen can make some pretty awesome skys/suns. Just gotta make sure that when you insert your CG foreground objects the lighting of the objects matches the background. [allthough yafray can match the lighting for you if you give it a background image to light the scene with]


For the sunset, do a search for the sunsky plugin. This is a world texture that simulates the appearence of the sun in the sky and whatever angles you specify. It’s pretty straightforward to use.

Hey, thanks a lot for all the replies! That was pretty much just what I was looking for.

Use a blend texture, halo, and work it to the place you want it to be using the dx,dy,dz buttons.

Add some cloud textures and tweak with the mapping coords and sizex,sizey,sizez and you’ll do fine.

for making gras, theres the fiber script, current version 2.03 which gives realistic results and you got even the option to animate the results with an empty!!