Sun and Moon

Well, here’re my latest works. The sun and moon. Enjoy :smiley:

Sun High Res:

Moon High Res:

Download Sun .blend

I would post the moon .blend, but the file gets messed up for some reason every time I try to upload it anywhere… I’ll try to recreate it and get it uploaded again as soon as I can

Sun Tutorial:

Moon Tutorial:

They look neat, especially considering they are all produceral textures. The smaller meteor cracks on the moon looks a little bit too defined and regular, otherwise it looks great. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, previously someone had told me the craters weren’t defined enough, so I changed that. I guess I’ll have to put them somewhere in between :stuck_out_tongue:

These really do show off how much better Procedurals have gotten since 2.49b (SHAME ON YOU 2.49b!)
Recently I have been playing with procedurals, I’m actually getting some really nice results.

Great work, hope to see more of it soon :slight_smile:

Um, actually I believe the 2.49 procedurals are capable of producing the same results. It’s all more organized and easier to use in 2.5, however, so that may be part of it. Thanks :smiley:

@Kinda what I meant…I suspect that it is all because of the infamous Buttons panel…