sun angles???

ok, i wanna render this house as a sund study (i mean real sun study, correct angles, time of year/month/day/hour/second/…, latitude and longitude>>>using blender…suggestions?

3ds is has the awesome automated sun render - i would to do THAT in blender, cuz for that i do animations where nightlights come on and turn off and the sun comes up…blah blah blah

any suggestions yall?

Nothing automatic for this in blender. You can get sunrise/sunset information easily – for the height of the sun you can use one of the many free ephemeris(sp??) programs (I use kstars and xephem) and then just keyframe a few positions.


I found a script that works with the latest (2.40) Blender version:

you blenderheads blow my mind. thanks for the goods, everytime i’m about to throw in the towel - blender totally redeems itself!