SUN BUY mysql for A WHOPPER $1 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god sun just brouhgt Mysql for 1 Billions dollars!!!


Is Blender going to be next???

Is Blender going to be next???

I hope so, Ton deserves 1 Billion :smiley:

I want 100 billions for blender!

Oh please not another “OMG SOMEONE CAN WILL BUY BLENDER” thread.

Sun has an established commitment to open source. This will only help MySQL. It will remain open.

Blender IS NOT next. This has been discussed ad nauseum before, but to recap the important points:

  • the maintainers of blender have total say, and do not want to sell, as mysql’s did.

  • they could never get all contributors to agree. MySQL’s developers probably signed something giving consent of this type.

  • they are not changing the license (as far as we know now) and it will remain open source.

I agree, however, that blender is certainly worth that much, and Sun buying it wouldn’t scare me as much as others.

yeh mysql will continue to be opensource that is good new , so who really own blender?

Blender foundataion

You own Blender. Everyone does.

I have the source code to it, and you can get it too.

Everyone one who has contributed into the source code. If Blenders licensing scheme would change, they’d need to get a consent from all of those who have contributed to the source code(or so I have understood).

As for sun buying MySQL, well I wouldn’t be too worried as sun has strong ties to the open source world and as far as I know open source is big part of their business strategy(i.e. Java vs. .NET languages). :cool:

mysql is open source… so…

Sun didn’t actually buy the rights to the mysql source, they bought the company that made mysql… That doesn’t have to mean anything for mysql’s open source state, it could however impact the future development of mysql… they might gain/lose some coders. But as others already said… not to worry.

1 billion dollars.

Be realistic. Don’t compare Blender’s importance with mysql.